Disney Reportedly Stole An Artist's Work For "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Posters


Anticipation is mounting for the latest Star Wars origins story, especially since this forthcoming project focuses on the early life the beloved Hans Solo. Disney has been releasing a consciously considered selection promotional material, which included a short trailer during this year’s Super Bowl. However, it is the character posters that is drawing the most attention, and not in a way the studio had initially hoped for. 

A French artist by the name Hachin Bahous has pointed out these specific graphic compositions are eerily similar to his album covers he designed for Sony. These artworks were created in 2015 for an anthology musical releases, which predates the premiere this Star Wars compositions by almost three years. 

Comparing the two sets images reveals an undeniable aesthetic similarity between Bahous’ work and that the graphic designer commissioned to create these Solo renderings. 

Bahous took to Facebook, in a since-deleted post, to express his very valid opinion that his work had been copied, and is hoping to receive some credit and compensation for the appropriation his designs; the artist is not looking to press charges as now. Peep the images below and sound f in the comments section if Bahous’ claims are legitimate or not. 

Disney Reportedly Stole An Artist's Work For "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Posters

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