Disney May Be In Talks To Create A "Black Panther" Roller Coaster Ride Soon


At a Wall Street investor conference on Monday, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger reveals that there may talks to build a roller coaster ride inspired by the studio’s highly successful Marvel film Black Panther. Iger has acknowledged that the box fice smash has become “an important moment in culture,” which can almost guarantee its inclusion in at least one the various Disney-themed amusement parks globally. 

The CEO also admits how guests have been waiting in droves to meet the Black Panther character at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. 

When someone asked Iger how come there is “no ride,” he was quick to admit that “we haven’t had a chance to build a ride. Though I’m sure there are people who are working on it.”

By autumn, Iger admits that visitors to these rampantly popular amusement parks will “be seeing a lot ‘Black Panther’ merchandise.”

In the meantime, Disney is said to be beefing up its Marvel presence at all their locations, which only means that the current superhero du jour will also be given a prominent space amongst Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, et. all. 

Black Panther is commanding the current cultural zeitgeist, and has quickly cemented itself as a cinematic force to be reckoned with.