Discover Steve Edwards’ Wondrous Album Born


Niching in the modern rock genre, Steve Edwards just dropped his very own masterpiece – an album titled Born. Harboring ten emotional songs, the collection features magnificent beats and bass alongside carefully crafted and meaningful lyrics that are made incredible thanks to the artist’s vocals. Born represents Steve Edwards’ inner direction of coming back to music creation that was always his passion. 

“Happysad” opens the album with some fascinating soundscapes that immediately invoke a bittersweet feeling of both happy and sad, the juxtaposition of which isn’t unheard of and yet feels fresh and makes one think. It’s been rumored that “Happysad” will be getting a music video soon and “Born”, the title track, is already out with stunning black and white visuals directed by [email protected] with HEART Production and is skyrocketing over 400K plays. Stream the album and simply fall in love with the timeless music created by Steve Edwards!

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