Director Matthew Vaughn "Fantastic Four" Reveals How He’d Reboot Series


Not long after director Matthew Vaughn detailed the Superman movie that might have been, he took a moment to reveal his intentions to take on a beloved Marvel property in The Fantastic Four. Given that three cinematic installments have already been made, each of them more panned than the next, Vaughn explains that he feels the fans are due for a big win. Given that many (including Vaughn himself, who was involved in the production of the dreaded Fantastic 4) have tried and subsequently failed to bring Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, and Human Torch, some have dubbed the iconic quartet “unfilmable.”

Yet Vaughn has thought long-and-hard about his approach, were he tasked with the honor of handling the rumored reboot. Speaking with Screen Rant, he explained that he’d look to an unexpected source for inspiration. “For me, do the live-action version of The Incredibles,” he explains, citing the Pixar classic. “A proper spectacle film about a dysfunctional family.” 

Though rumors of a Fantastic 4 reboot have already begun to swirl, with some sources pointing to Ant-Man’s Peyton Reed as a potential director, Vaughn remains hopeful that Kevin Feig and Marvel Studios will reach out to him. What do you think? Are you interested in seeing a fourth attempt at the Fantastic 4?