Diplo Teases LSD's 'Thunderclouds' Music Watch


A mysterious candy-haired warrior stands strong in a raging storm. She is as electric the lightning strike that brightens her st face. She is not exactly Sia, but there is a hint the singer in her split-dyed do. All the while, the song's high-pitched hook beckons.

It's a music video for LSD's "Thunderclouds" — or so it seems it will be. LSD is the super-trio  Labrinth, Sia and Diplo. "Thunderclouds" is the group's third single. So far the visual has played just as much a part the LSD fantasy as the sonics themselves. This storm is coming, and it looks to be mighty powerful indeed.

Diplo tweeted a teaser clip what's most likely a music video, which you can catch below. Has it got your hair on end? Are you feeling the charge? Rub your feet on some carpet and touch the video below.