Diplo Keeps Up the Country as Thomas Wesley On ‘Heartless’ With Morgan Wallen: Listen


Diplo is a world-traveling booty-music DJ with a penchant for blending worldly sounds from Cariibbean dancehall beats to South African rap flows, but Thomas Wesley is just a good ol' boy who likes to wear Stetson hats, drink beer and let the wrong one get too close. 

Thomas Wesley is actually the one-time Florida man's birth name, and it's the moniker the Grammy-winning producer dons for his recent crossover into country music. Today, he follows breakout Cam collaboration "So Long" with "Heartless," a guitar-laden trap-tune featuring unlucky-in-love lyrics from Morgan Wallen

On "Heartless," Wallen is caught up on a bad romance, and this time, he can't help but let the lover in, even though he knows it will only end in pain. Mr. Wesley knows the feeling all too well, and the two share some heavy head shakes in the official lyric video, serving their best cowboy hitchhiker looks on the side of a dusty road.

In case any dance fans need a primer, Wallen is the southern twang singer-songwriter behind Hot 100 No. 17 hit "Whiskey Glasses," a drinking song all about replacing the sting of lost love with brown liquor.

If you like Diplo-gone-country, you're gonna love the news that a full Thomas Wesley EP is due out this fall. Both "So Long" and "Heartless" are on the track list, and there's more where this horse road in from.

Watch the lyric video for "Heartless" below.