Diplo and Octavian Debut Woozy ‘New Shapes’ Watch


You ever wake up and take a second to figure out where you're at? London rapper and singer Octan must know that feeling well, because he plays dazed-and-winging-it quite well in the music video for his Diplo collaboration "New Shapes."

The single from Diplo's Europa EP got a moody music video from teenage director Dominic Sesto, and the whole thing will have your head swimming.

Octan wakes up confused on the couch, warbles his way through the club, and for some reason takes his aggression out on a car. It's subtle but trippy, alongside the song's sulky groove. 

"New Shapes" is one of six tracks on Europa, an EP that celebrates the European continent and the talents Diplo has met there. It follows his California EP.

Watch the video for "New Shapes" starring Octan below.