Dillon Francis Makes Martin Solveig's Heart Beat Fast On 'My Love' Remix: Listen


It's scary trying new things, especially when you've got to do them in public. For "My Love," Martin Solveig stepped out on the sonic ledge and took a big leap, so when it came time for the remix, he had to be sure the producer in charge understood his point view — and who is more emotionally sensitive than Dillon Francis?

"'My Love' is a special song for me," Solveig says in an emailed statement. "It’s more melancholic, and I’ve never used my voice in such a pop way. I’m glad I could translate what I had in mind. Dillon and I have been friends for five years, and it’s always more comfortable to ask a friend to take care something you care about. What he did with the song is unbelievable. I think it’s the definition a top remix. He took it somewhere else, yet respected the idea, gave his touch, and made a version I like as much as the original. I feel blessed. Thanks Dillon.”

The original is quite poppy with a noticeable vulnerability in Solveig's performance. Francis turns the club energy up with pulsing kicks and rainbow-bright, tropical touches.

“I love Martin to death," Francis says, "and I fucking loved the original, so this remix was a piece cake for me. I’m extremely happy with the finished product, but most all, I’m extremely happy with how happy Martin is with what I did to the song.” 

This is how bromance is supposed to be. Listen to Francis' remix Solveig's "My Love" below.