Dillon Francis Launches Online 'Like & Subscribe' Show With Exclusive Mural for Influencers: Watch


Pack it up and pack it in. Dillon Francis is the funniest dude in electronic dance music. He's behind some the scene's most epic pranks, he spins music videos into hilarious gold, he even played a roaring jackass in the Viceland original series What Would Diplo Do? based on his friend and mentor's life. Now, he's got his own show coming to the Internet, a sure-to-be-sidesplitting satire about internet fame and influencer stardom called Like & .

The show gained notoriety for a publicity stunt that featured a partitioned mural visible only to those with a blue verified check mark or social priles with more than 20,000 followers. Now, the mural has been followed with a trailer that has us full-on ROFL-ing. Francis plays a manager four troublesome young influencers and vloggers, who he decides to stick in one house and exploit for content. It's a quick-shot editing job used to maximum effect. We can't wait to tune in and binge all episodes Monday, July 9. 

Francis is also wrapping production on his forthcoming Spanish-language LP. It's a return to his moombahton roots with a Latin-inspired bounce sound that helped make his career. Stay tuned for more from Francis and watch the insane trailer for Like &  below.