Dillon Francis Is an Eccentric Sports Commentator in Zany ‘Change Your Mind’ Watch


Dillon Francis is first a music producer and colorful DJ, but he's basically half actor at this point, too. He starred in Vice's What Would Diplo Do?, fronted his own web series Like & , and he recently announced an animated series for 20th Century Fox around his piñata best friend, Gerald's World. 

Of course, even before his TV screen appearances, he was weaving stories into his cinematic music videos, and "Change Your Mind" gets such a treatment.

The clip stars Francis as an overly-enthusiastic sports caster named Rick Jambles who presides over a dart tournament. It's a triumphant tale of female empowerment and good winning over evil. Competitors Dirk Duckland and Maddie Gilmore are played by Jimmy Tatro and Anna Akana. Heroine Jackie D is portrayed by Alison Becker, and of course, Francis' musical collaborators Lovelytheband play the half time performers.

The video was written and directed by Brandon Dermer. Root for the underdog with "Change Your Mind" below.