Digitalism Dive Into Deep Web-Space in Trippy 'GLOW' Exclusive


Digitalism has unveiled the music video for "GLOW," premiering exclusively  Billboard Dance today (Aug. 30).

For the German electro duo, retro-futurism has always been a big mood. So, too, are space themes and fuzzy mix-downs. Listening to its music is like receiving a transmission from a far-away race disco aliens, an invitation to some neon lounge party light years away. We get that feelings once more listening to "GLOW," the duo's latest single from forthcoming EP PRI5M. It's perfect, classic Digitalism, with a bright, immediate synth opening and a repetitive bassline hook. The duo wanted to be sure the video caught the feeling just right.

"We’re super excited to share the brand new video for our single 'GLOW' with you," Digitalism tells Billboard in an emailed statement. "It’s so colorful, trippy and full surprises that we’ve got it running on repeat. Big ups to Espen Kopreitan (Jensvold) who looked into our minds and visualized our thoughts, the theme our current live tour and upcoming EP PR15M, which 'GLOW' is a part . Dive in with us."

"(It's my) second video for Digitalism, and it's been a blast," Jensvold adds in an emailed statement. "I've been experimenting a lot with grids and forms for the 'GLOW' video, trying to keep a nice balance between fast paced, repetitive, interesting and original. Lots it is inspired by vaporwave and old computer graphics, while the colors, leaks and distortion represent the prism' effect. I've also recreated Digitalism's live light setup, 'cause I like it so much. It looks so, so good."

While PR15M is set for full release Thursday, Sept. 13, the "GLOW" music video is out Friday, Aug. 31.

Get an exclusive first look below.