Digital Cover Story: Kevin Gates


I’ve always watched Kevin Gates with wonder. I’ve consumed his music religiously, ever since I heard the tumbling and urgent piano keys that ring off “4 Legs and a Biscuit,” one of the singles that led into Gates’ critically-acclaimed Stranger Than Fiction project in 2013. It was around this time that Kevin Gates was moving from local treasure to national one, culminating in the release of his chart-storming major label debut, Islah.

Kevin Gates is hard to pigeon hole, which is part of the reason why he’s so enigmatic. Sure, he shares some harrowing street tales, had a past life as a drug dealer, went to jail– we’ve heard these stories in hip-hop before. However, the way in which Kevin Gates approaches both his music and his public persona is so distinct, he’s managed to quickly lay a blueprint for the current generation of artists clamouring out of street life and into rap music: NBA Youngboy, Moneybagg Yo, Polo G, and the list goes on. Whether it’s his raw and unwavering sense of emotion, his clear desire to improve himself– mentally, spiritually, and lastly, as we’ll discuss in the cover story, physically– or the simple fact that he’s a “gangster” rapper who actually enjoys conversations, Gates, is, in a word, different.

He’s also indifferent. But let’s save that for the cover story. Click below to check it out. 

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Words By: Rose Lilah 

Photos By: Emilio Sanchez