Diddy Says MTV Wants to Bring Back ‘Making the Band’


MTV continues to pull on the strings of our nostalgia. On Monday (July 8), Diddy took to social media to tease the possible return of Making the Band a decade after it went off the air.

Diddy was responsible for overseeing the popular talent search show after taking the reins from boy-band impresario Lou Pearlman, who led the formation of O-Town on the first iteration.

"@MTV called me about bringing it back, should I? #IWantMyMTB," Combs pondered on Twitter. The tweet actually came as a reply to Wale and Seth Rogen reminiscing about the 2000s classic back in April. Wale quickly gave his stamp of approval. "The turnover time is epic. But yes . Brother love .. we would like making the band back," Wale wrote.

Making the Band moved from ABC to MTV in 2002 and ran until October 2009, with Making His Band serving as the final season. MTB birthed several acts, including Danity Kane, Day26, Da Band and Donnie Klang.

Do you want to see Making the Band rebooted?