Diddy Might Be Bringing Back "Making The Band"


Could it be? Are we about to witness the rebirth of a classic MTV show? After being off the air for an entire decade, Diddy, AKA Sean Combs, appears to be interested in reviving one of his most popular ventures, getting back into the game and airing new episodes of Making The Band

Diddy Might Be Bringing Back "Making The Band"
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The rap mogul marvelled at the success of the show in a new video, gloating about how Making The Band will eventually go down as one of the greatest things in television history. Combs was getting his hair done when he said that he’s trying to figure out his schedule for the next two years, saying that MTV called him and pitched a reboot of the show. He’s not sure if he wants to go ahead with it because, as he says, there’s a lot on his plate for the next twenty-four months and, sometimes, it’s better to just leave things be. However, Diddy sounds like he might actually be down to get back into the coaching game. “I’m kind of on the fence about it and I need your help,” he said. He went on to explain his reasoning behind the possible move, asking MTV directly if they have a big enough bag for him. The network confirmed that they can provide the bag. Then, he voiced his concerns about his legacy, afraid that the reboot would “tarnish” his life’s work. However, he says that there are many people that never got a chance to experience the show during its heyday. So for whoever wants it to return, he’s asking the fans to use the hashtag #IWantMyMTB to get their point across, proving that it would be profitable.

If you want Making The Band to return, tag Diddy on social media with that hashtag! We’re crossing our fingers.

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If y’all want me to bring it back, leave a comment with #IWantMyMTB

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