Diddy Explains Why He Signed Machine Gun Kelly


This has been the strongest year in Machine Gun Kelly’s career and that’s not even debatable. From his successful run in television and the movies to his well-received album Hotel Diablo, MGK is absolutely striving in 2019. You love to see it too because just a few months ago, some fans believed that he was down and out after battling Eminem. What they didn’t realize was that Kellz has so much talent in his body that if he puts his mind to the test, he’ll always come out on top. People will argue until the end of time about whether MGK or Em won their feud but Kellz’ success post-beef is inarguable. Diddy initially signed the rapper to his label and he doesn’t regret the decision one bit, explaining why he made that call.

Diddy Explains Why He Signed Machine Gun Kelly
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, Puffy noted that he realized Machine Gun Kelly had star potential from the start. He was so impressed with the artist’s performance of “I Think I’m OKAY” on late-night television that he penned an entire message to his boy. “When I first signed @machinegunkelly I knew he was going to be a star,” wrote Diddy. “I didn’t know how exactly we’d get there but I knew it would happen. I’m so proud of the artist he is becoming, he’s shown all the traits of an artist that will stand the test of time.”

Machine Gun Kelly is having an incredible year. Shout-out to him for turning things around when he could have easily given up.