Diddy Declares Drake the Loser of Pusha T Feud: 'He Took the L'


Diddy called into The Breakfast Club early Thursday morning (June 7) to promote the new season his music competition series The Four. But as a pioneering figure in hip-hop who was embroiled in one rap's messiest feuds — The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Tupac beef — The Breakfast Club hosts took the opportunity to question Diddy about the current war brewing between Drake and Pusha T.

“It's a part hip-hop, man,” Diddy said. “If you're trying to be the best MC, I mean, there's gonna be battles. At this juncture in time, it's kinda safe. When we was having battles, it was getting unsafe. I think that this is the most skillful artist that Drake has come up against and, you know, Drake likes the smoke, he loves the smoke.”

Then, Charlamagne explained that J. Prince called Drake and asked for him to put an end to the beef before it goes awry and Drake seemingly listened. Diddy responded by saying that Drake should “listen to your OGs” but declared Drake the loser in the rap beef. “He took the L,” Diddy continued, adding that he understands Drake choosing to listen to Prince because he was put in the same situation when Biggie was up against Tupac. 

“I was in that same position with 2Pac's] Hit 'Em Up' and I told Big not to respond, so I can understand because what B.I.G had written for them, it was going to get as bad as it got,” the music mogul told the hosts.

According to J. Prince, Drake had recorded a diss record that had the potential to end Pusha's or Kanye's careers. “I definitely feel like it crossed the line where music was concerned; the disrespect for his mother, the disrespect for his father, for 40 — a man that's dying — I know these people so I felt like that was totally disrespectful,” Prince said during his interview with Sway in the Morning. “After even speaking with Kanye because I spoke with the brother and he didn't want this and I saw this going to a place that I feel would've ended his career if Drake would've put out the song that he had on him.”

Listen to Diddy's full interview below: