Dezzy Hollow continues dropping new music as he follows his previous single — “I Got Luv (Feat Lil Rob)” — with “Creep It,” a West Coast love story featuring talented vocalist KP. The record will be on Dezzy’s upcoming project due at the top of 2022 with features from Lil Rob, Suga Free, WC, & Blue Bucks Clan.
In this trip down nostalgia lane, Dezzy lets a young couple take center stage as he plays the invisible character that provides the soundtrack. Against the musical backdrop of a G-Funk beat, he takes you back to the simplicity of that one love you could creep it with — the one you could take the bus with to that hole-in-the-wall spot on a warm Cali day. Dezzy appears throughout, dropping bars about the hustle, turning dreams to cash, and having that one that’s a text and a pull-up away.
From the Dickies to the Cortez’s worn by the lovers, this video is dripped in West Coast imagery. We follow the leading lady as she meets and vibes with the prince charming of our story at the bus stop. As they ride the bus, now together, a bougainvillea background introduces us to KP as she delivers the chorus behind rectangle shades. Her voice follows as they continue through their date, doing what young couples do, such as talking at the park and cuddling behind buildings. The date and video come to a close in the style of a classic romance movie, with a kiss and an embrace — concluding another in a series of old school meets the New West from Dezzy Hollow this year.