Dez Bryant Says He’s Not Interested In Football, Talks About Depression


Dez Bryant was one of the most effective wide receivers in the league just a few years ago but now, he is struggling to find a team and his place in the league. The former Cowboys receiver got to spend time with the New Orleans Saints last season, although his time there didn’t last very long as he got injured. Now, Bryant has taken to Twitter to say that he’s not interested in football and that anxiety and depression have gotten the best of him at times.

The Tweet came in response to a fan that insinuated Bryant was doing some fishy stuff to get paid back in 2015. We reported on how Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys were being sued over an alleged police cover-up and the fan was accusing Dez of the same thing.

“This exactly why I don’t have no interest in playing football right now… I have not reached out to no organization trying to play … people forget real quick we are still human.. my anxiety and depression came from this type of stuff… what I realized nobody care but me,” Bryant wrote.

Bryant then made sure to reassure his fans that he isn’t done with football entirely and that he’s working hard to come back sooner than later.

“I’m not retiring bro… I’m just taking care of myself… that’s a promise,” he explained.

Hopefully, Bryant can return to the game soon as he was a walking highlight real when he played.