Detective Poole's Death Derails Tupac & Biggie Cases in 'Unsolved' Season Finale


After nine long, mysterious and downright thrilling episodes, Unsolved comes to a close with episode 10 titled Unsolved?, wrapping up the revealing series. However, the episode doesn’t open with any familiar faces that viewers have come to know, love or even hate over the previous episodes — instead, it opens with an unknown motorcyclist getting mowed down by a car and then shot to death in the middle the street. It’s a cryptic start to what becomes an even more puzzling finale.

After jumping back and forth between Russell Poole’s 1998 investigation and Greg Kading’s 2006 investigation all season long, the two worlds finally collide when Poole requests to meet with Kading to unveil new information about the case. Poole, who hasn’t been an ficial law enforcement ficer in years, is still in hot pursuit the truth on who killed Biggie and Tupac and how the cases are linked. He claims Death Row’s head security, Reggie Wright Jr., is the person Kading and the task force need to dial in on. Poole, however, has been physically and mentally worn down by this case and his grandiose conspiracy theories come across as unreliable.

Kading and the task force remain optimistic about their breakthrough with Theresa Swan, the mother one Suge Knight's children, who claims she knows who the Biggie shooter is. But after strong-arming her into divulging more information on Biggie’s murder, Theresa claims she doesn’t want to talk at all and won’t “snitch” on Suge. This again leaves them with nothing until they decide to trust Poole’s intel and pay Reggie Wright Jr. a visit. The former Death Row security head maintains his innocence but alludes to Darnell “Poochi” Bolton (Harry Fowler) being rumored to be a hired shooter for Suge. In a quick flash back to the episode’s opening scene, the gunned down motorcyclist appears to have been Poochi himself.

In a drastic attempt to get a concrete confession out Theresa, the task force drafts a fake “I killed Biggie” confession letter that they supposedly received from Poochi before he was killed. When Theresa refuses to talk, they claim they already know who killed Biggie thanks to the fake confession letter. Theresa confirms that Poochi is very likely the one who pulled the trigger on Biggie after being hired by Suge to do it. A dramatic flashback shows Poochi taking his hit money from Theresa and pulling f in a black Chevy Impala — the confirmed getaway vehicle from the night Biggie was killed.

Kading presents his findings to the chief police, who appears ecstatic that they solved the case and proved the LAPD wasn’t involved in a massive coverup, but due to the lack concrete evidence, they decide to absolve the task force. Fast-forward a few years, and Biggie's mom Voletta Wallace drops her suit against the LAPD and the remaining members the force go their own ways. Dupree rejoins the Robbery and Homicide department while Kading retires from law enforcement — but not before he visits Voletta to deliver a passionate apology that leaves them both in tears.

The episode and the series close with an emotional culmination to Russell Poole’s story, while presenting even more new information to the Los Angeles sheriff’s department in 2010. In a heated cry for action to be taken, he suffers a heart attack and dies — ultimately leaving both cases regrettably unsolved.