"Detective Pikachu" Off To A Strong Start With $58 Million Box Office: Report


Detective Pikachu has made its cinematic debut in theatres this past Friday, May 10th. While the movie provided much nostalgia to Pokemon-lovers as much as it sparked interest amongst the newer generations, Variety recently offered the resulting numbers from the movie’s nation-wide premiere. According to the magazine, Detective Pikachu is beginning with quite an impressive start, considering its video-game to movie adaption. The live-action film, starring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of our favorite yellow character, racked in a total of $58 million via its release across 4,202 venues.

The latter is believed to have stemmed from Reynold’s witty take on the role of Pikachu, which granted an A- review from the film-critic and market research firm Cinema Score. The performance by Justice Smith (The Get Down) who stars alongside the Reynolds-fueled main character has also been subject to positive reviews and appreciation from movie fans. The duo is central to the movie’s plot as they set out to find out the whereabouts of Smith’s missing father. Overall, the critical reception underlying the movie includes a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So good, so far, though the competition is expected to get fierce with the arrival of several other summer movie blockbusters.