"Detective Pikachu" Is Here With Another Trailer Ahead Of Film’s Release


Detective Pikachu is getting closer than ever to premiering on the big screen since the first official trailer of the Ryan Reynolds voice-acted film debuted in November. At this point, we’re on to the third trailer that’s showing more character traits of Pikachu brought to life by Ryan’s quirky comedic skills. 

The clip, as seen below, also shows some of the action Pikachu finds himself in while he tries and convinces his partner that he’s the best bet when it comes to saving the day.

“I vanish in my roles,” Ryan previously stated when jokingly discussing how he prepared for his role. “This is a funny anecdote. I was on my way to pick up my daughters from school when I heard that I got the role. Well, I didn’t show up at school, because Detective Pikachu, he doesn’t know who those two little girls are.” He added: “I tried to lose 182 pounds to match his weight until doctors intervened.”

Detective Pikachu hits theaters May 10th. Only time will tell if Ryan’s upcoming film will score big at the box office the same way Deadpool did.