Details Of Derrick Rose’s Massive Adidas Contract Leaks


Details Of Derrick Rose's Massive Adidas Contract Leaks

In 2012, Derrick Rose signed a 14-year $185 million contact with Adidas. It made sense at the time: Rose was 22 and the NBA's reigning MVP.

It doesn't make a lot sense now, as the gimpy point guard has struggled to stay on the court and struggles to cover anyone when he does play.

Yet, Adidas continues to pay him.  Even though they could probably get out the contract. Sports Illustrated got hold his deal with Adidas, and it's pretty crazy.

The contract allows Adidas to dock Rose's pay if he doesn't make the All-Star game (he hasn't since 2012) or if he misses more than half the games in a season (that happened in 12, 13 and 14.) But, unlike most shoe contracts, Rose can nullify those deductions by making promotional appearances. 

Adidas could have terminated the contract in 2015 after Rose and Hampton were accused gang rape by one Rose's former girlfriends. Even though Rose was never criminally charged and was cleared by a jury in a civil suit, his ex's ugly accusations and the undisputed details the case would have been enough to trigger the deal's morals clause. But Adidas decided not to do that and instead kept paying Rose millions to be a very mediocre NBA player.

We wonder what Rose and his fam have on Adidas?

Details Of Derrick Rose's Massive Adidas Contract Leaks