Desus & Mero Aren't Feeling Lil Dicky's "N-Word" By Proxy In "Freaky Friday"


For somebody who allegedly never watched the video, Desus seems to have a pretty thorough understanding what goes down. After hitting Mero with a brief FAQ, the pair proceed to watch as Lil Dicky/Chris Brown proceeds to excitedly belt out the N-word. “If only white rappers would go as far to help race relations as they do to say the n-word,” remarks Desus. “God damn there’s some gymnastics there.” Mero chimes in with a laugh, stating “damn, he got a n***a surrogate?” 

Desus proceeds to call the clip problematic, putting forth the hypothesis that “only” white people listen to Lil Dicky. “I’ve never been at a barbershop where they’re like yo that Lil Dicky’s bangin’.” After hitting LD with a few barbs, they shift their attention to the Virginia Tech women’s Lacrosse team, who were recently caught belting out the n-word during a shameless “Freaky Friday” singalong. “That’s clearly not their first time saying the n-word,” remarks Desus, upon watching the footage. “I think it’s more problematic that this many people are listening to Lil Dicky…We gotta have a save-the-team march.”

Clearly, the pair aren’t feeling Lil Dicky’s latest song, and feel that the n-word-by-proxy represents a bigger problem. For whatever reason, some white people seem to possess an innate desire to bust out the word, despite the fact that it seldom goes over well. Suffice it to say, Desus and Mero’s take on Dicky’s track is not entirely uncommon; one wonders if LD will take the time to issue a response.