Derrick Rose Reveals Whether He Thinks He Belongs In The Hall Of Fame


Derrick Rose was at the height of his career back in 2011 as he took home the highest individual honor in the NBA which is, of course, league MVP. From there on, Rose’s career took a sharp nose dive due to nagging injuries that kept him from excelling on the court. It was a sad state of affairs considering how much potential Rose had to become one of the best players of this generation. Since then, Rose has bounced around the league and most recently, signed a two-year deal with the Detroit Pistons.

In a recent interview, Rose was asked about the Hall of Fame and whether or not he deserves his spot with the league’s greatest players. Rose was realistic about his chances but said amongst those he cares about, he’s already achieved a lot.

“I am a Hall of Famer,” Rose explained. “Not in everyone’s eyes but to the people I grew up with. I made it. I executed.”

The idea of Rose in the Hall of Fame would certainly be an interesting debate amongst NBA fans. Rose was a dominant player a while back and gave the city of Chicago their first glimmer of hope since Michael Jordan. On the other hand, though, he didn’t have enough prime seasons to really judge how good he is.

Rose could go down as the biggest “what if” in the league’s history.