Deontay Wilder Says Tyson Fury Rematch Will "Probably" Happen In 2020


Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury battled it out for the heavyweight title a while back and ended up fighting to a draw. It was a great fight that saw Fury get knocked down twice. Despite Wilder’s greatest efforts, Fury was able to keep getting up and eventually fought his way to a tie. Considering the fact that no one won, fans immediately wanted a rematch from the two. While Wilder has kept saying he wants the fight to happen, it appears as though Fury has been reluctant to sign a contract. Regardless, in a new interview with TMZ, Wilder explains that the rematch is definitely going to happen.

“I think that’s something that is definitely gonna happen, but it’s gonna take a little time now,” Wilder said. “Fury didn’t want the rematch and I don’t blame him. To be getting up off your ass like he did and to get a concussion, I wouldn’t want to go again either!”

Wilder and Fury already have fights booked for the Spring and Summer, so it appears as though a fight will most likely happen in 2020. Although, Wilder explained that if the two can reach an agreement soon, a fight could happen at the tail end of 2019.

Who do you think would win the rematch?