Deontay Wilder Calls Anthony Joshua "Desperate" Over Fight Negotiations


Anthony Joshua has been begging for a fight with Deontay Wilder as of late. Wilder is the WBC Heavyweight Champ while Joshua holds all of the other titles. This means that Joshua could become the undisputed champion if he were to win the bout. Last week, Joshua told Wilder to come “come see [him]” and that he wants to get a deal done immediately. 

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Wilder and asked him about Joshua’s recent claims. Of course, Wilder was having none of it and even called the British fighter “desperate.” From the “Bronze Bomber’s” point of view, Joshua has been ducking a fight for years and that Wilder has tried numerous times to get something done.

“We did that five times and, they denied me. So, I don’t want to hear him talking about ‘coming to see me’ because we came and saw you, ya’ll still ran,” Wilder said. “Now you want me to come and see you? Nah. Now it’s on our terms. We’ll come and see you when we want to come and see you.”

It still seems like these two heavyweights are far apart from a fight but it would certainly be a huge spectacle if it were to happen. If and when this bout does happen, who do you think will come away victorious?