Denzel Curry Releases Minute-Long Teaser For Song, "whatIFiwasinarockgroup?"


Considering Denzel Curry‘s almost screamo delivery in many of his songs, it’s likely you have considered what he would sound like if he went in more of a rock direction with his music. Apparently, he has wondered the same. In honour of reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube, the Florida rapper has released a 1-minute snippet of a song titled “whatIFiwasinarockgroup?.”

The question in the title appears to be more just a thought that Denzel shared, rather than an indication of the song’s inspiration. He provided the following clue in the video’s description: “Key word : if.” Perhaps he included this disclaimer to deter people from starting rumours that he’ll be joining a rock group, rather that merely basing a song on this hypothetical scenario. While his hoarse rapping gives off a vague taste of rock, the production is still electronic and leans more towards trap. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound promising. 

Denzel didn’t hint at when we’ll receive the full version of “whatIFiwasinarockgroup?,” but his musical output has been consistent enough that we can wait. Denzel dropped his album, ZUU, in May and then continued to keep fans fed with loosies and guest features. He recently released a chaotic collaboration with Slowthai, “Psycho,” and appeared on a track on Robert Glasper’s new mixtape