Denzel Curry Readies His Return With New Single "Ricky"


Last year, Denzel Curry dropped off one of the year’s strongest projects in TA13OO, revealing an artistic scope that widened beyond his peers. Now, Zel is readying his imminent return, a promising sign for those lamenting the 2019 output thus far. Denzel took to Twitter to herald the arrival of “Ricky,” a name that might ring a few bells for Boys-N-The-Hood fans. Of course, it could be alluding to Rush Hour’s Ricky Tan, whom Denzel previously namedropped on “ZUPER ZA1YAN ZUPERMAN.” And while he’s at it, perhaps he’ll even make reference to Ricky from Trailer Park Boys, long shot though it may be.

Sadly, Denzel has opted to leave us in suspense where release dates are concerned. Still, given that he’s already begun kicking off the promotional cycle, it stands to reason that we’ll be getting some new Denzel in the imminent future. Hopefully the young talent will continue to grow as an artist, as the visionary qualities he displayed on TA13OO were impressive to behold. Whether “Ricky” picks up where his “get-hype” anthems left off, or operates under a similar experimental lens as “Clout Cobain,” we’re eager to see what his future has in store.