Dennis Lloyd Breaks Down His Debut EP ‘Exident’: Exclusive


Singer-songwriter Dennis Lloyd comes to terms with the end of an impactful relationship on his debut EP Exident, released today (April 5).

Lloyd (born Nir Tibor) tells Billboard that he fell in love with the woman he still sings about after he moved from his home city of Tel Aviv, Israel to Bangkok, Thailand in 2015, once he left the navy.

“I wanted to be isolated, work on my sound and find myself,” says the multi-instrumentalist, who also produces his music. “I had no WiFi, no friends. AlI I had was a microphone, computer and my trumpet. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with a Colombian girl that I met in Laos.” Lloyd fondly describes their globe-trotting story: “From there we spent a month in the Philippines, lived together in Bangkok and eventually moved home to Tel Aviv together.”

Lloyd found international acclaim after releasing his single “Nevermind” in 2016. While the breakout hit doesn't appear on the EP, Lloyd explains how it directly impacted his new music. “I wrote ‘Nevermind’ at the beginning of our relationship, and wrote ‘Never Go Back’ a few days after it ended," he says. "My EP Exident describes the different emotional phases I experienced post-breakup.”

Now signed to Arista Records, Lloyd is headlining his first North American tour, with stops at Coachella on April 14 and Governors Ball on May 31.

Check out Lloyd's Exident breakdown below.

The intro is a letter from myself to her. [A] direct translation of the Spanish introduction: “I remember the times with you. The good times, the bad times. I’m sorry for what I’m about to say. I love you. Forgive me.”

The EP starts from the last phase. This was actually the last song I wrote about her. I was trying to understand what made this relationship fall apart, but eventually realized that regardless I’m better on my own: "I’m on my own, I’m better alone. Now that you’re gone, I feel alive.”

“Never Go Back”
Love makes you blind. One day you’re in love, the next day you wake up and realize that not everything is perfect. This song is about that moment.

I had recorded a song and felt like something was missing. After our breakup, I was depressed and was scrolling through YouTube when I found a TED talk by Dr. Gary Lewandowski about relationships. His words really hit me and I felt this was the missing piece of the song. GFY is about the thin line between love and hate. It’s about statements that are said out of anger that unfortunately cannot be taken back.

This song is the toughest song to me. It’s about trying to let go and move on, but you just can’t.