Dende Delivers a Trio of Love, Heartbreak, and Passion on ”95 Civic’ Album


Dende has arrived with his new album, ’95 Civic. The release brings together elements of love, heartbreak, and passion, blending each throughout the transition of tracks. The Texas-born crooner conveys his passion in each song with the help of his beautiful southern church voice. ’95 Civic is the ideal full-length contrast to his most recent EP, Before We Crash, which was filled with bright and upbeat energy.

“Releasing ’95 Civic feels like the last thing I needed to do to move on to the next phase of my life,” Dende says of the album. “Although it’s a sad project, the time it allowed me to spend with A&R Mizz and producer Billy Blunt is something I will never forget. This is our best work yet.”

The album has several high points, but “Part-Time Lover” with Lilly Aviana is the best. Dende maintains an emotionless demeanor throughout the project. You can into the new release below.