DeMari is an Independent Musician


The authenticity of rap music is still alive and the newcomers to the industry are proving that the true essence of rap and hip-hop music is in good hands. One of the rising stars of the rap music industry, Geno DeMari has just released a fresh new EP and the tracks are nothing but impressive in one word. The artist has done a great job in already making a fanbase for himself who was excited about the new music. Upon release, the EP was welcomed by an unbelievable response. The EP ‘To Say The Least’ has a total of 6 tracks that shows the musician’s incredible talent perfectly in so many ways.

DeMari is an independent musician who speaks volumes about his caliber as he has single-handedly crafted those 6 entire tracks. He has solely written the rap bars and produced the tracks that are responsible for creating such an enchanting vibe for the listeners. Growing up in the south side of Chicago, the influence of rap culture is visible in every little production the artist has ever done, especially in this EP.

From his childhood, his passion for music has helped him make a career in this line of work and it seems like ‘To Say The Least’ is the ideal project that can put his name in the global spotlight. The uniquely crafted tracklist on the EP, ‘Show and Tell’, ‘Face Off’, ‘Next Life’, ‘Quick’, ‘Two 4’, and ‘On That’. It is the latest example of Geno DeMari’s talent which includes expressively written rap verses and dynamic beats, perfectly paired with his assertive vocals that are full of excitement. Listen to the EP on Apple Music.

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