DeMarcus Cousins Could Lose $150 Million In Free Agency Due To Injuries


DeMarcus Cousins shocked the NBA when he decided to sign a one-year, $5.3 million deal with the Golden State Warriors during the 2018 offseason. At the time, Cousins was nursing a torn Achilles tendon which forced him to miss the first 45 games of the season. Since returning to action, Cousins has struggled to get himself adjusted to the team’s system and in just his second playoff game, he went down with a quad tear in his left leg.

Cousins will be a free agent this summer and some executive around the league say his injuries could seriously affect the contract he receives. In a new report from Bleacher Report, one executive said Cousins’ losses could be astronomical.

“It’s going to be an enormous loss for him. He might end up in a situation where these injuries cost him $150 million. It’ll have a profound impact,” the executive explained.

DeMarcus Cousins Could Lose $150 Million In Free Agency Due To Injuries

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Another executive explained how Cousins lack of connections around the league could also affect his status.

“He’s moved around so much (recently) that he needs to have some real relationships with somebody, and I don’t think he’s really had that before,” they explained. “It’s a tough situation, but it’s easier when you’re already with a good group.”

Cousins has averaged 21.2 points and 10.9 rebounds throughout his career.