DeMar DeRozan Shares Story About Last Time He Hung Out With Nipsey Hussle


On the upcoming episode of “Take It There” with Taylor Rooks, San Antonio Spurs shooting guard DeMar DeRozan sheds some light on his friendship with Nipsey Hussle and how the two had dinner together just a couple weeks before his tragic death.

DeRozan, a Compton native, was one of the many NBA stars who had forged a strong friendship with Nipsey Hussle over the years, and he says he’ll always remember Nipsey’s plan to give back to the community. 

“The crazy thing is, I think it was about two or three weeks before, I had dinner with him,” DeRozan tells Rooks, (h/t Uproxx). “We had the most in-depth conversations about, you know, life. About how to be a better individual. How to give back. How to make sure your people straight. A plan to do something great. That’s something that’s always going to stick close to me for sure because I remember that night like it was yesterday.”

Check out the clip of DeRozan’s appearance on “Take It There” below, and keep your eyes peeled for the full episode airing on Tuesday.