Delonte West Allegedly Seen Dancing Under Dallas Bridge While Homeless


Delonte West has been in the news lately and it isn’t exactly for all of the right reasons. Just a few weeks back, some fans spotted a man living on the street who happened to have the exact same tattoos as West. During his NBA career, the Dallas Mavericks star struggled with mental illness and addiction, which led some to speculate that he could be in a bad place right now. Other fans weren’t so quick to jump to conclusions as they figured there could be a larger story at play here.

Fans are now speculating even more about West’s condition as a man who resembles him was seen under a bridge in Dallas, dancing. There is no telling if this is really West or not but fans are concerned and are even trying to get Mavericks owner Mark Cuban involved so that he can get West some help.

Some people on Twitter have come out and said that they’ve seen West on their way to work before and that he is adamant he’s okay, although the people are still concerned. If West is in bad shape, perhaps it would be wise for the NBA to get involved and offer some kind of solution.

We wish West nothing but the best moving forward.