Deezer’s CD-Quality Tier Now Available on Mobile App


Deezer Hi-Fi is now available in the streaming service's mobile app for the first time. The French streaming service has maintained a high-fidelity tier for years, but previously the option was only available on its PC and Mac apps as well as on sound systems and speakers from high-end manufacturers like Bang & Olufsen and Sonos.

Over 52 million songs are available in 16-bit FLAC-quality audio, which streams at 1,411 kbps, compared to 320 kbps audio on Deezer's $10 a month Premium tier. Deezer says it saw a 45% increase in its Hi-Fi subscribes last year — 18% of which came in the U.S. — and has added an additional 11 million songs in the lossless format to keep those users happy 

"We're proud to say that we're completely obsessed with sound. If you turn on Hi-Fi and close your eyes, it's like you're in the studio with your favorite artist. Having Deezer Hi-Fi on mobile and web means you can always feel this, even if you're on the go," Deezer chief product and growth officer, Stefan Tweraser, said in a statement.

Deezer has a limited time discount on its Hi-Fi tier as well, which is currently priced at $14.99 a month after a 90-day free trial. Deezer Hi-Fi is available on the company's iOS and Android apps today.