Decade of 'Drag Race': Roxxxy Andrews Looks Back at 'All Stars' Season 2


As part our Decade Drag Race week, we caught up with one queen from each season the Emmy-award-winning series to reminisce about the show’s journey, share some never-been-told memories and throw shade where shade is due.

Below, we spill the tea with Ms. Thick 'N' Juicy, Roxxxy Andrews. Read all the interviews here.

Is there something that happened behind-the-scenes or f-camera that you’re surprised didn’t make the television edit?

On the first episode, I eliminated Coco Montrese]. It didn’t seem that she was that upset and, when all the girls came back to fight their way back into the competition, it seemed that she was okay with everything. Then, when we wrapped filming and everything came out, it was more so that she was extremely upset and she was on social media letting people know how upset she really was when in person, it wasn’t like that at all. She was tweeting and saying I chose ten thousand dollars over our friendship and things like where when they came back on the season, it was more, “Oh, no, girl! I’m not mad at you. I understand.”

Since your season aired, what have you gotten tired fans bringing up?

It gets kind old when people tell me I changed so much for All Stars because I came f more bitchy on season 5 and I came f nicer on All Stars, but what they don’t understand is it’s still the same person. I just played the game differently. So when they come up and say, “You changed your life. I can tell a difference.” It kind sucks because that’s who was the entire time. We’re drag queens. We’re divas. We’re drama queens. We’re not nice all the time.

Has there been a starstruck moment since the season aired?

Meeting Tamar Braxton. When I did her on my season for the Snatch Game and I met her at the NewNowNext Awards. I just never thought it would happen. Then, going on the road and being her hairstylist and makeup artist for like six months was just a dream come true. I was so completely thankful. And we’ve remained friends since, I just saw her last month. She came down to Orlando. We keep in contact and text each other. I never thought in a million years that would happen.

Which one queen have you grown the closest to since your season?

Tatianna. Me and Tatianna talk on a weekly basis. We come from such different backgrounds — and I was always close to Detox — but definitely me and Tatianna have grown a relationship that I am so thankful for. She’s always looking to have a good time and I love people like that.

Is there a lip-sync-for-your-life decision you would’ve changed if you were in Ru’s shoes?

I would have changed sending Alyssa Edwards] home. It should’ve been me going home. I had fallen on the bottom so many times. I feel like it was my turn to go and they just saved myself because our friendship when Alyssa should stayed because she deserved to stay in the competition. I had fallen short so many weeks in a row and it was like, “What else can I do? Obviously, this isn’t my best run the show. Why am I still here?” I am a competitor so I know that when you’ve fallen short, you should go home.

What’s one the most overrated runway looks from your season?

Overrated? Anything Alyssa Edwards wore was overrated. laughs] They love her so much. She has great looks but they just never come together. And I feel like she got a lot credit and we were like, “That’s buffoonery. Why were they ever liking that?” She so charismatic that she sells it, you know. Oh my God. The camera dress! What were they thinking? And for her, she is the cat’s meow. Meanwhile, we were like, “No, girl. You’re gonna go home f this outfit.”

What’s the worst decision someone made during your season?

RuPaul not crowning me. laughs]

Did the right person win?

Yes, absolutely. I feel that Alaska came in guns blazing. She won so many lip syncs, so many challenges. It was her season. We were all fighting for second place walking in there. On our season, Alaska was growing into who she is now so when we got to All Stars, we were all fighting for second.


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