Decade of 'Drag Race': Nina Bo'Nina Brown Looks Back at Season 9


As part our Decade Drag Race week, we caught up with one queen from each season the Emmy-award-winning series to reminisce about the show’s journey, share some never-been-told memories and throw shade where shade is due.

Below, we spill the tea with season 9's makeup chameleon Nina Bo'Nina Brown. Read all the interviews here.

Is there something that happened behind-the-scenes or f-camera that you’re surprised didn’t make the television edit?

That time when me and Valentina were doing that lip sync to “Greedy,” the whole thing happened and they didn’t show me actually going up to her and being like, “You’re okay. It’s going to be okay. Let’s just do this.” The don’t want to show that part, course. Then, all her fans sent me hate for sending her home, I’m like, “Uh-huh.”

Since your season aired, what have you gotten tired fans bringing up?

Blac Chyna. laughs] Not even just in person, but online. I could be posting something about the Pope and they’ll be like, “But the Pope wasn’t Blac Chyna.” It’s cute at first but I’m more than just Blac Chyna.

Which one queen have you grown the closest to since your season?

Nobody. laughs] Honestly! For real, on the show, I feel like I was more cool with Jaymes Mansfield, Eureka, Charlie and Valentina — we were actually closer. A lot people would assume that me and Shea would be the best sister in the world but it wasn’t really like that for me. I kind only really talk to Jaymes now the most

Is there a lip-sync-for-your-life decision you would’ve changed if you were in Ru’s shoes?

There’s a lot them. I just can’t remember them specifically. Those are the things that make you feel like, “Is it really about the lip sync or who’s gonna bring more views to the show?” Sometimes someone dances better but they still go home. There are some times that I think Ru could’ve gone a different route but it’s her show. What are you gonna do?

What’s one the most overrated runway looks from your season?

It’s hard to even remember half these damn runways. For some reason, all I can think about in the moment is Aja and Valentina. I was looking at that runway and I was like, “That’s not that cute.” But y’all were hoopin’ and hollerin’. It was that fairy princess one. And the wig was horrible. We all have our bad runway. I just didn’t care for that one and thought it wasn’t as sickening as they made it seem.

What’s the worst decision someone made during your season?

Maybe me doing the bunny look for the makeover challenge or maybe Charlie not lip syncing, but I knew what was going on with her. Even that last lip sync, I didn’t try. With me and Shea, even though we have our differences or whatever, I even told her, “You deserve this more than I do.” Some people were mad about that because I probably could’ve sent her home.

Did the right person win?

I guess. I feel like with our season, you didn’t really know who was going to win at first. Normally, when someone wins the first episode, they normally make it to the end but I broke that curse. laughs] There were some girls that I didn’t think were still gonna be there. If it wasn’t going to be the lip sync finale], I think it would’ve been Shea or Shea and Trinity, I think. I guess Sasha won because she did the most interesting lip sync, so I guess she deserves it.


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