Deadpool Is Raising Money For Cancer With A Pink Suit


Deadpool can relate to the hardships and turmoil having cancer. In the 2016 film, Wade Wilson is diagnosed with cancer, prompting him to seek medical attention. He volunteers for a risky procedure that is run by a mad scientist who experiments on him and activates his sleeping mutant genes, giving him superpowers. That feeling hopelessness, and the urge to do anything possible to fight the terminal illness, is what drives the entire plot Deadpool, who is set on finding the scientist and killing him. Now, Deadpool is fighting cancer in real life as well.

Ryan Reynolds has teamed up with Omaze and non-prit organization Fuck Cancer to raise money for cancer prevention and providing support to those affected. Donned in a pink version his infamous Deadpool suit, Reynolds and Fuck Cancer released a video where the mercenary sits on a couch, and asks his fans to contribute to a good cause. 

“Omaze and I are joining together to scare up some serious cash for Fuck Cancer,” states the pink Deadpool. “I’m going to donate the very suit f my back while giving you a chance to own some movie marketing memorabilia.” Check out the hilarious yet informative video below, and donate to a cause that is close to Deadpool’s heart. Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18.