"Deadpool 2" Trailer Confirms Terry Crews' Role


20th Century Fox debuted a new trailer for Deadpool 2 this week, and the footage is filled with foul-mouthed, rebel-filled, action. Fans finally got an idea what the plot for the movie will be like based on the trailer. In the footage, Cable, a time-traveling mutant who is the son X-men Cyclops and Jean Grey, appears in the present to kill a little boy. Speculation leads fans to believe that Cable is attempting to alter his timeline, a feat that he is constantly trying to achieve in the comics. Unfortunately for him, Deadpool has assembled a team to help him take down the powerful foe. 

Zazie Beetz, who plays the beautiful yet alo baby momma to Donald Glover’s character on Atlanta, has long been confirmed to be playing Domino in the movie. Domino is a mutant that can control probabilities, making her “lucky.” In the trailer, we get a look at Domino in all her glory, but we also get a peek at Terry Crews. 

Terry Crews was confirmed to be involved in the film, but fans had no idea who he could be playing. 20th Century Fox has finally tipped their hand, and Crews’ character’s identity has finally been revealed. He will be playing Bedlam.

As his name implies, Bedlam causes pain and confusion. He emits a wave that causes disorder and bedlam, a power that will be hilarious to watch on screen if it is pulled f right. Confirmation Crews’ character can be found in the trailer when Deadpool is searching through a stack photos labeled “X-Force.” Although a character named “Peter” can be seen more clearly, behind him is a picture Crews that is labeled “Bedlam”

"Deadpool 2" Trailer Confirms Terry Crews' Role

Deadpool 2 drops May 18.