deadmau5's Orchestral Album 'Where's the Drop?' Now on Spotify: Listen


What's the difference between a producer and a composer? In deadmau5's case, there doesn't seem to be much difference at all. The experimental progressive house artist was recently given the chance to prove his prowess to the world, transcribing some his most beloved tunes into full orchestral arrangements. You don't know how deeply emotional “coelacanth” resonates until you hear it played with bleeding-heart strings and choral accompaniment, and now you can, because Where's the Drop?, his first fully orchestral album, is now available across all streaming platforms.

Originally released with TIDAL, Where's the Drop? features 15 deadmau5 favorites, from “Imaginary Friends” to “Strobe,” as you've never heard them before. In a recent interview with Billboard, deadmau5 said he saw the project as his foot in the door to film scoring projects. These songs certainly conjure stirring images on their own. He worked on the project with award-winning film composer Gregory Reveret, so nothing is f the table.

The full album was performed live during a two-day event in Los Angeles. Experience the hair-raising magic  Where's the Drop? below.