DEA Hiring Somebody To Burn 1,000 Pounds Of Weed Per Hour


You either need to really love weed or really hate it to take this position. As reported by Complex, the DEA in Houston is looking to hire a contractor who can burn 1,000 pounds of weed on an hourly basis. If you accept the position, you will be asked to incinerate various items including paperwork, cassette tapes, and lots of pot. Other confiscated materials will also need to be burnt but the weed-burning is highlighted in the job application, ensuring that people know what they’re getting themselves into. The contract will reportedly run from March until the end of September.

The DEA claims to have gotten many applications for the role, noting that proper background checks will be conducted to find the right person for the job. In addition to the thorough personal investigations, the DEA will also be ordering drug tests to ensure that nobody is using the product they’re supposed to burn. In conclusion, you either need to hate weed so much that you want to burn it all or you need to be a big fan of the smell to take this position. Still sounds worth it, to be honest.

If you’re interested in applying, you must meet the “very strict” requirements, according to KHOU. Do you fit the profile?