Daya Seeks Comfort and Stability in New Music Video & Campaign for 'Safe'


Daya may be young, but the 19 year-old seems to have an old soul. On her newest song, “Safe,” the singer pines for a simpler, easier time when she felt like she was still safe. “Closed hearts make closed minds/ I won't tell you it's all butterflies and roses/ When I back in time,” she sings.

Now, Daya is translating that message into actions. Today (July 18), the singer released the full video for the track, showing her sitting alone in her room, on a swing and in a studio, yearning for a time when she didn’t have to feel constantly at-risk.

In tandem with her video, Daya launched her new #SafeIs campaign across her social media accounts, encouraging fans to share with one another their experiences what it means for them to feel safe. "I want my song 'Safe' to be an invitation to start a positive dialogue in a world in need compassion,” she says in her Instagram launch video for the project. “Let’s uplift each other, create your own version what safe means to you.”

The singer went on to detail the things in her life that make her feel safe. Along with mentioning her family, playing guitar and eating mashed potatoes, Daya mentions that one the things that makes her feel safe is being with her girlfriend, who makes a brief, romantic appearance in the announcement video. Daya recently came out publicly during her set at Milwaukee’s PrideFest.

Watch the full video for Daya’s “Safe” below: