Day6 Unleash ‘Sweet Chaos’ In New Music Video


Day6 returned on Tuesday (Oct. 22) to revel, pop-punk style, in how a lover can cause “Sweet Chaos” with their arrival. 

The song, which fronts the group's newly-released The Book of Us: Entropy LP, is a fierce, yet upbeat, tune ruminating on how plans are overturned and everything is upside down, in a good way, because of the "Sweet Chaos" of another person who has entered one's life. 

The music video features five members of DAY6 performing the track in sleek suits on a dramatically-lit stage. They are later seen disintegrating, End Game-style, from the feelings of "Sweet Chaos."   

Bassist-vocalist Young K served as lyricist on “Sweet Chaos,” while Jae, Sungjin, and Wonpil also co-wrote the song along with frequent collaborator Hong Ji-sang.  

The 11-track The Book of Us: Entropy follows the release of DAY6’s The Book of Us: Gravity in July, which landed the K-pop band at No. 20 on the Heatseekers Albums chart, dated July 27. The new album is said to depict two different sides of romance, with the first six tracks relaying the sweeter moments and the latter songs depicting the tougher times. 

Watch DAY6’s “Sweet Chaos” music video below