DAY6 Drop 'Shoot Me' Music Video


DAY6, one K-pop’s up-and-coming pop-rock bands, fired it up with their new music video for their single “Shoot Me.”

The lead track on their new EP Shoot Me: Youth Part 1, the song is bombastic and full punk rock vibes, with slinking synths thrown in for good measure. In line with its name, “Shoot Me” builds itself up to precarious sonic peaks with the “bang bang” the chorus and then dramatically settles down before working its way once again to a dynamic hook that is fronted by the gritty chants "I'm OK, so if you want to hurt me, baby, just hurt me.”

The music video for “Shoot Me” lives up to the song's theme and features captivating shots the band members as they sing and perform the song as a sharp-shooting scorned lover takes out her anger on a man, shooting him dead on. The vibrant noir cinematic style matches the song's passionate nature as the pair face f before finding closure. It all ends with a title card that reads, "Vicious words hut like a bullet: shoot me."

Both "Shoot Me" and the album were released today, June 26. Each the six songs on DAY6's latest EP, including the single, were co-written by the group's members and collaborators Hong Jisang and Min Lee "collapsedone." The lyrics for each song were written by bassist Young K, and guitarist Jae also is credited as a lyricist on the track "Talking To."

This is the first EP from DAY6 since 2016's Daydream, and follows the group's year-long monthly release project 2017, which resulted in two albums from the act, Sunrise and Moonrise. Their activities last year landed them at No. 1 on the Next Big Sound chart in December.

Watch the music video for “Shoot Me” here: