David Wax Museum’s Ethereal Harmonies Shine on ‘Uncover the Gold’: Exclusive


David Wax Museum’s vocals soar throughout the video of “Uncover the Gold,” which Billboard premieres today (Oct. 1). A hopeful tune where the band sings of the promise of each new day, “Uncover the Gold" features delicate plucks of an acoustic guitar, hand-clapped rhythms and captivating harmonies from real-life married couple and bandmates David Wax and Suz Slezak.

“Uncover the Gold” is featured on the band’s latest album, Line of Light, released earlier this year Nine Mile Records. The project was recorded in Nashville and produced by My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel.

"At the heart of the song is the image of destruction and change ultimately revealing beauty: 'Something washes away / It uncovers the gold,'” David Wax tells Billboard.  “Inspired by that line, we sought to embrace the ephemeral and dream up ways to write out the lyrics of the song using the mundane, the unexpected, the everyday stuff of life like flower petals from our garden, food from the pantry, our kids' toys, and Suz's great-grandmother's button collection.”

The band enlisted the help of a team to bring its idea to life. Meanwhile, the couple used items from their home in Virginia as visuals when it came time to make the video for the song.

“Instead of bringing in an outside director, this was the first time that we had the vision for the music video and then assembled a brilliant team to help us actualize it. Unsurprisingly, this process led us to make a work of visual art that is extremely personal and handmade," he adds.

The artistic video has appearances from both Wax and Slezak as well as their children. From finger painted designs to lyrics written on eggs, the song is brought colorfully to life in its video.

Watch “Uncover the Gold” below.