David Crosby & The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn Clear Up Tension Following Cameron Crowe Documentary


In Remember My Name, the new Cameron Crowe-helmed documentary about David Crosby's life and music, the seasoned rocker offered his side of the story regarding some of his former friendships with fellow musicians and collaborators. Crosby has been feuding with Neil Young, Graham Nash and others for years, and he broaches the topic in the film, noting that these notable relationships fell by the wayside and stayed there.

On Saturday (Aug. 3), one of those fences seems to have been mended — or perhaps it was never broken to begin with. 


Crosby mentioned that Roger McGuinn of the Byrds was one of the people who "really dislike" him in Remember My Name, but it turns out he doesn't feel that way at all. He highlighted the dialogue in question and responded on Twitter, reaching out to Crosby directly.

That was met with a quick response from Crosby, who took positive development and ran with it by going so far as to suggesting he and McGuinn team up on stage in the future.

Remember My Name is currently screening in select theaters.