Dave Matthews Talks Touring, Fan Requests, Awkwardly Hugging Sarah Silverman, Performs 'Again and Again' on 'Kimmel': Watch


The band also played “She” on Wednesday night’s (Sept. 5) show.

Summer is always the busiest seasons for jam-band pioneer Dave Matthews, but on Wednesday (Sept. 5) the singer found some time to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a live performance with the band and a catch up with the host.   

Reliably affable, Matthews chatted with Kimmel before the group performed songs from their recently released album Come Tomorrow, while touching on their busy Summer schedule, picking unique set lists and even awkwardly hugging comedian Sarah Silverman.   

“One time I walked into a bar, a hotel lobby bar in New York, and I saw Sarah Silverman and I just went up to her and hugged her,” the singer shared, shrugging. “What a super creepy dude! She didn’t even have time to defend herself!” he added. “Are you a hugger?” Kimmel asked. “I think I’m less a hugger now, unless its Sarah Silverman. But yeah… I’m a bit huggy…I’m trying to slow down. I feel like, at 50, you just need to slow down with the hugging.”   


When asked why the band prefers to tour in the Summer rather than all year round, the DMB front man quickly replied “Well… that ship has sailed.”  

Matthews also shared his creative process when picking songs for the one–a-kind set lists the band rolls out every night. “I sit down an hour or two before the show and I write down a set. I got a list with all the songs then I try to construct a set that is amusing." Admitting that he never takes requests from fans, regardless how loud they scream, Matthews made it clear that he always sticks to the plan unless the band has an issue with the set list. “When I see someone requesting a song and I know that's on the set list then I’m like… 'well, guess its your lucky night!'”

After taking a break from touring last year, DMB returned stronger than ever in 2018, with first album in six years, performing two songs from the album released in June, "She" and "Again and Again."

Watch Matthew's interview here and check out both performances below.