Dave Matthews Loves How 'Lady Bird' Used His Music: 'Everything to Do With It Was Flattering'


Dave Matthews seems to have nothing but good feelings about Lady Bird — specifically, how it integrated DMB’s 1996 hit “Crash Into Me.” Matthews has called the song’s inclusion in the film “flattering,” telling Vulture that “it was so lovely to see the song used as a central tool in someone else’s story.”

Matthews’ comments about Lady Bird were framed in a larger discussion about how the positive response to the song’s usage contrasts the band’s t-undeserved frat-house reputation: “Without question — and some express it with more vinegar than others — there are people who truly don’t like my band. I think a lot them just go, ‘I hate the Dave Matthews band’ because they saw someone they didn’t like in one our T-shirts.”

The interview goes on to hit some lesser-known sides  Matthews, who comes f as alternately self-aware, insecure and awestruck about his band’s tragedies, successes and failures. He touches on everything from DMB violinist Boyd Tinsley’s recent break from the band (“Nobody is happy about this situation. Except that we’re happy he can figure some stuff out.”) to his shifting relationship with the bottle (“By anyone else’s standards but my own I’m a raging alcoholic.”)

DMB released their new single “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)” on May 10.