Dave Matthews Band Battled Sound Issues, Skipped the Hits at Summerfest


Dave Matthews Band took the stage at Summerfest music festival in Milwaukee on Sunday (July 1), but it wasn't exactly their smoothest set ever.

In the beginning the show, the visuals behind the band didn't function properly and the sound was muffled, according to local outlets. Although Matthews and the band remained positive and powered through their music, some things were apparently “a little f.” 

The background footage eventually kicked in, but the band was also facing some tech issues with the sound on stage. They played on nonetheless, and Matthews thanked the crowd over and over, but reportedly seemed to be missing his usual goy charm. The mood may have been affected by the difficulties with the venue, and Matthews mentioned briefly that even getting to the concert grounds presented some challenges. 

The band played mostly new songs from their ninth studio album Come Tomorrow, but some fans may have missed iconic DMB tracks “Ants Marching,” and “Crash Into Me,” which were noticeably left out from the set. Although the sold-out concert had many standout moments, first time Dave Matthews Band concertgoers may have been thrown f by the sound issues or lack greatest hits. 

This is Dave Matthews Band's first tour without Boyd Tinsley, the longtime violinist who was fired in May for sexual misconduct allegations. The band decided not to hire a new violinist, and reports from the show mention how the set seemed strange without a violin, an integral part the DMB sound. 

The band will be touring throughout the summer, and tickets can be purchased here. 

Dave Matthews Band Battled Sound Issues, Skipped the Hits at Summerfest