Dave Grohl Talks Jamming With Prince in an Empty Arena, New Documentary 'Play' and More: Watch


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (Aug. 2) to talk ABBA, jamming with Prince, and his new documentary.

Once Grohl walked on stage, host Jimmy Kimmel immediately asked him about his vintage ABBA shirt. "I heard ABBA was doing more music, there's an ABBA comeback, and I flipped out," Grohl said. Surprised, Kimmel asked Grohl if he was a fan ABBA, to which the rock legend said: "Who doesn't love ABBA?! Everybody loves ABBA!"

Kimmel went on to thank Grohl for filling in as host on Halloween while he was away from the show for his son's surgery. The rocker said he had a blast, and opened up about his experience jamming with Alice Cooper.

The talk show host also asked Grohl about the time he jammed with music legend Prince in 2002. During Prince's 21-day stretch back-to-back concerts at the Forum in Los Angeles, Grohl and his friends went to see the "Purple Rain" singer perform. While there, Prince met the Nirvana drummer and invited him to jam a week later. "I swear to God, it was the most amazing experience my entire life," Grohl recalled.

Kimmel later asked Grohl about his latest project, a documentary titled PLAY that involves a 23-minute solo song with Grohl playing every single instrument. "I don't read music so I had to memorize this 23-minute long instrumental," he explained. "It was really just to see if I could pull it f, if i could do those full takes without making any mistakes and actually memorize that much music."

Watch the full interview below.